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Huge, free audio sample library

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I just had to make a mention of this great resource available for free: Over 8GB of free samples under creative commons license.

Loops, Grooves, Licks, Stings, Hits, Pads, Melodic Motives/Themes/Phrases, Sound-Effects, City and Country Soundscapes…, Motors, Machines, Toys, Guns, Explosions, Swords, Armor, Cars, Jets, Pot & Pans, Acoustic and Synthetic Noises, Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Voices, Western and World Instruments, Real and Human Animals, Industrial and Natural Ambiences, Film and Game Foley, and more, more, more! This huge collection of new and original samples have been donated to Dr. Richard Boulanger @ specifically to support the OLPC developers, students, XO users, and computer and electronic musicians everywhere. They are FREE and are offered under a CC-BY license for downloading and use in your teaching, your demos, your research, your music, your remixes, your songs, your games, your videos, your slideshows, your websites, and your XO activities. Each of the 7000+ samples is 16-bit, WAV, Mono, normalized to -3dB, and provided at 3 sample rates – 44.1K, 22.5K and 16K.

Free Sound and Sampling Sites

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

I was recently contacted about some sample web sites and decided to put a little review of the best ones here. has a nice collection of sounds categorized by large icons.

  1. Built-in audio player with a picture of the waveform makes browsing through sounds quick and easy.
  2. No signup required
  3. User-contributed sounds
  4. Tag cloud with popular categories of sounds
  5. All samples free for use under license similar to Creative Commons
  6. MP3 and WAV formats


  1. None that I can point out so far screenshot

The Freesound Project has been a personal favorite of mine for a while now. It’s got loads of sounds, from high quality field recordings to synthesized ambient soundscapes, they cover the spectrum of sounds, and best of all, they’re all Creative Commons licensed.


  1. Built-in audio player with a picture of the waveform makes browsing through sounds quick and easy.
  2. Geotagging capability
  3. User-contributed sounds
  4. Remix tree shows sounds that have been remixed by other users
  5. All samples free for use under Creative Commons
  6. Sample Packs offered for quick acquisition of multiple sounds


  1. Free signup required
  2. Design is a little dated