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Expressive Hi-Hats

Hi-hat Amp EnvelopeHi-Hat VariationsIf you don’t want your hi-hat track to sound mechanical and lifeless, then you need to vary your patterns. This can be done with a few different tricks. First, alter the note velocities to create accents as seen in the left image. A good starting point is accenting the first of every three or four hits. Make the velocity on these hits higher than all the other hits. Second, set the hi-hat’s volume envelope to the following settings (and as seen in the right image). Attack = 0, Decay = just above 0, Sustain = 0, Release = 0. Now you can automate the decay time to make the hi-hat hit shorter or longer. This emulates the sound of a hi-hat being closed tighter or looser.

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    I have a lot of really good material to learn!

    regards from argentina


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