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Video Tutorial: Subtractive Synthesis Explained

This video tutorial is related to an article I wrote here a few years ago. It’s a brief explanation of the principles and schematics of the most common synthesis method: Subtractive. Oh yeah, it’s time to learn!

3 Responses to “Video Tutorial: Subtractive Synthesis Explained”

  1. Bren says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much lol. Ive been playing around with different synths, learning how they work but this is the first video ive seen that explains the basic idea on how sub synths work.

  2. Guriq says:

    Fantastic tutorial…Well Done, Actually I am just a beginner and need help to get started, any tips, website for me to know a bit. I am a singer and would like to record my own Indian compositions. Thank you

  3. Space 16 Mastering & Mixing says:

    Nice easy guide… People think synthesis is some kind of dark are sometimes. But this explains some really good key points.

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