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Use Ableton Live’s Simpler to create a monophonic instrument

In this short video, I demonstrate how to load an audio file into the Simpler instrument to create a monophonic “human flute” sound. This technique can be applied whenever you need to create a playable instrument from a single recorded tone.

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4 Responses to “Use Ableton Live’s Simpler to create a monophonic instrument”

  1. Tommo says:

    Hi there,

    Seems to be an error on this page. The video won’t open and takes me to this page or closes the window.
    Really looking forward to watching this.

    Great site otherwise!!!


  2. DJ Smart says:

    Same here… unable to see the video 🙁

  3. Roy Oliver says:

    Found this in the HTML script.

  4. Roy Oliver says:

    HA HA, that’s funny. Their site replaces movie links with a Play Video image. Regardless, the functionality is still broken.

    http:// /video/ simpler-flute . mov

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