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The Physics of Sound

I found a helpful article that will teach you some fundamentals about audio. If you have ever wondered what a sound wave actually is, or what’s behind all the complex audio terminology, take a few moments to read this article and fill yourself in on the background knowledge that will give you the upper hand as a producer.

Here’s what’s covered in the article:

* what sound is caused by
* what a sound wave is
* what a cycle is
* what frequency is
* what a hertz is
* what a pure tone is

* what is meant by fundamental frequency
* what an overtone is
* what an harmonic is
* what a timbre is
* what a starting transient is
* what periodic motion is
* what an octave is
* what phase is
* what a wavefront is
* what wavelength is
* what the speed of sound is
* what amplitude is
* what intensity is
* what loudness is
* how the ear adjusts to different intensities of sound
* what causes reinforcement and cancellation
* how sound spreads
* how sound “shadows” are formed
* what distortion is
* what reflection and absorption are
* what refraction is
* what ambient noise is
* what system noise is
* what resonance is