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Reverb/Delay Automation in Reason

Automation Tracks in Reason

A really mind-bending technique in reason is to automate the various knobs on a master auxiliary effect. To do this, set up an auxiliary effect (such as the ping pong delay mentioned on this site) by right-clicking on the main mixer and then creating an RV7000 reverb unit. This will automatically create the auxiliary send for you. Now, you turn up the auxiliary send knobs for each track you want to have an effect on. Then, create a new sequencer track and assign it to that RV7000 unit. Next, arm the track for recording and then press record. Now fiddle with the any of the knobs on the RV7000 and it will all be recorded. For an example of this technique in action, check out this excerpt from a track by Takyon called Hypergate:

Download Hypergate reason file (1.7 Mb)