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Outside The Club Effect

You’ve all heard it… a low-pass filter on the master out.


Low-Pass filter on the master outHere’s how to do it in Reason: Create an ECF-42 filter unit, and wire your mixer through the filter into the audio interface. Right click (Ctrl + click for mac) on the device and choose Create Sequencer Track for name of device. When your track is playing, hit record and turn up the FREQ knob to make it sound like you’re going back into the club. Try experimenting with the modes on the filter. BP 12 means band-pass filter. It allows only frequencies a bit lower and a bit higher than the frequency specified by the cutoff point (FREQ knob). The “angle” at which frequency amplitudes drop off is 12dB per octave. The LP filter has two modes: 12 and 24 dB per octave. The 24 cuts off frequencies above the cutoff point much more dramatically then the 12. The 12 leaks more high frequencies than the 24.